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Hot Ginger & Lime Tea Recipe

Since we mentioned this in our last email newsletter we thought we’d share this yummy recipe with you in a blog posting. This is one of our go-to recipes when illness is rearing its ugly head. Here’s a list of ingredients and we encourage you to use organic ingredients when possible.


  • Ginger (1 inch chunk) - using fresh ginger, cut a chunk (about an inch), peel it, slice into thin slices and add to a 16oz mug. If you’re a big Ginger fan you can add more.

  • Lime (⅛ of a wedge) - Cut ⅛ wedge of lime and squeeze into the mug. You can leave the lime wedge in but it’ll become bitter the longer it remains. I squeeze and remove.

  • Honey (1 Tbls) - Add about 1 Tablespoon of fresh raw honey to the mug (add to taste). Important: children under the age of 1 must not consume honey.

  • Cayenne Pepper (dash) - Add a dash or two to your mug (add to taste).

Description: Boil enough water for the number of mugs you’ll make. Pour hot water over ginger slices and lime, add a dash of Cayenne pepper and cover with a small inverted plate to hold in the essential oils and heat. Let steep for about 5 minutes, take off the plate (be careful it’ll be warm), and stir it all together, sip and enjoy. I’ll drink this several times a day from the onset of an illness until I’m feeling better.

Remember, naturopathic medicine is proactive medicine, meaning the goal is not to wait until you get sick but to prevent illness by keeping healthy. If it’s been more than a few months since your last visit, Dr. Jill encourages you to schedule an appointment with her today.

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