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Top 5 items I keep handy during cold/flu season

Patients often ask me “what sorts of preventive things can I do to avoid illness or to treat myself once I begin feeling sick?” I love these kinds of questions because there are so many things we can do to stay healthy. Here are my go-to picks:

  1. Elderberry syrup or tincture - Elderberry prevents viruses from binding to our healthy cells so it’s best taken daily or early in the onset of a suspected illness.

  2. Hot Tea of Ginger, Lime and a dash of Cayenne Pepper, and Raw Honey - Ginger is soothing to the belly, immune system supportive, and helps to keep a person's body temperature up which aids in fighting an infection. It’s delicious too!

  3. Echinacea spray - Echinacea acts to support the immune system and has a slight numbing effect, so is great to use for sore throats. Place Echinacea tincture in a small dark glass bottle equipped with a spray nozzle. Be careful when spraying into the throat as the numbing effect can decrease the ability to feel the need to swallow. Important: This is not appropriate for use in small children.

  4. Vitamin C - Many vitamins and minerals are used in cells to help them work efficiently and effectively, Vitamin C is one. Vitamin C is used by all cells in the process of making energy. Energy is needed to help cells fight off infections, so Vitamin C is a good one to have on hand during the winter months.

  5. Zinc - Like Vitamin C, Zinc is utilized by cells to make their work more effective and efficient. Zinc is a known immune system support player, so keeping this readily available is an important piece to keeping you and your family healthy during the cold & flu season.

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