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Water As Healer

Constitutional Hydrotherapy is a type of water therapy that uses alternating hot and cold applications in conjunction with mild electrical stimulation. During the treatment, the patient will lie comfortably on a soft table, and at the same time, alternating hot and cold towels are applied to the upper torso. It’s incredibly relaxing, rejuvenating, and stimulating to the body and immune system.

It’s been shown that Constitutional Hydrotherapy is beneficial for immune imbalance, including infections, chronic viral illness, Lyme disease, autoimmune disease, cancer, and environmental sensitivities and allergies. If you’d like to support your immune system and reduce stress this winter, contact Dr. Jill at to schedule your treatments today.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy Package includes:

· Five 60-minute sessions valued at $380

· Buy now and save. Discounted package cost: $325

· Treatments may be covered by insurance

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