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Moving...Next Door

To our wonderful Blue Earth Medicine patients, affiliates, and friends: We are excited to announce we will be moving to a larger, adjacent office space (literally, right next door from suite 6 to suite 7) in the coming weeks. The move ought to be seamless to our patients. In the interim we’ll be painting, outfitting, and decorating the new space and can’t wait to share the space with you.

What you’ll notice first is the spacious reception area and a larger suite (3 exam rooms, one for Dr. Jill, with two open for future growth), and, of course, the other important things handy to have in a naturopathic doctor’s office.

What other offerings would you like to see in the future? We’d love to hear - drop us a note at hello at Blue Earth Medicine dot com.

I hope we say this enough, but we truly are grateful to you (our patients), and we’ve been blown away by the outpouring of support since opening our practice in Wenatchee this past August. We absolutely believe we have the best patients and love our community!

Thank you,

Dr. Jill & Brad

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